Sterling Construction Systems Ltd (SCS) conducts its business responsibly, and in an approach that protects the health and safety of its employees, its customers, business associates, the society and the environment.

We shall implement and maintain programs that provide reasonable assurance that the business:

Identifies health, safety and environmental hazards arising from our business, assesses and manages associated risks, across the full lifecycle of our operations and projects.
Complies with all applicable statutory regulations and internal health, safety and environmental guidelines.
Designs its facilities and conducts its operations in a way that mitigates or minimises unacceptable risks and hazards.
Establishes and conducts itself in a manner that are responsible and consistent in all its interactions with the government and the society.
Remains committed to continuous health, safety and environment performance improvement processes.
Makes optimum use of its resources, to minimise waste generation.
Encourages internal / external associates and stakeholders to demonstrate the same level of commitment for continuous improvement in standards of health, safety and environmental performance.
Promotes the principles of this policy and encourages everyone to share his / her experience and best practices whenever possible with the other members.
Makes available appropriate resources to implement this policy.
Security Policy

Sterling construction systems ltd believes that security is a process rather than a product. To protect its personnel, physical assets, information and company reputation from harm we shall focus on three goals viz. confidentiality, integrity and availability.

For instilling the importance and implementation of this security policy, we shall:
Identify and regularly evaluate all security risks.
Comply and exceed all the existing and upcoming statutory requirements.
Design and implement specific controls and procedures to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all forms of business.
Develop and maintain effective security management processes to mitigate or minimise identified risks by use of proactive and cost effective measures and procedures.
Safeguard all company assets, including personnel, corporate reputation, business information and processes from harm.
Record, analyse and investigate all reported security incidents to develop improvements to prevent their recurrence.
Evaluate and attend to security in all aspects of business operations and planning.
Expect a positive commitment to security by all levels of management and provide adequate resources proportionate with the assessed risks.
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