Modular Build is a pre-fabricated highly insulated building system unit. These are built on strong steel under chassis. Walls are rigidly insulated cassette modules, bolted to the chassis. Roof is rigidly insulated cassette with fibre cement board internally and Galvalume pre-painted sheet externally. Doors are fibre cement with integral GI steel jambs, Windows are Australian storm rated and powder coated aluminium.  
1 Strong Steel Sub frame construction.
2 Powder Coated for durability.
3 Height can be Varied.
4 Adjustable supports also available.
  3” Steel Legs With bolt down Plates. 
  Integrated Galvanized steel window and Door sub frames as standard equipment.
1 Built in galvanized steel door frames with steel thresholds.
2 Wood and aluminium also Available upon request.
1 High quality Australian storm rated powder coated windows.
2 Other styles and types also available.
1 High quality acrylic / Cement coating to all exterior fibre cement.
2 Suitable for all weathers and locations even for beach locations.
1 High quality acrylic interior finish on Fibre cement.
2 Equivalent quality of gypsum walls without the weakness.
1 Standard 8’ x 8’ x 8’ unit commercial style
standard 8’ x 16’ x 8’ Unit commercial Style.

Suitable for : Site Office, Guard house, telecom, Equipment substation, Payment booth, Accommodation units, Site Offices, Equipment stores, Telecom equipment, Computer hardware , Cold Storage etc.

1 Concept 8’ x 16’ x 16’ unit residential style.

Suitable For :Residential, Employee housing, Remote location, Weekend and Summer Houses, Hotel type villas, Retirement communities etc. Customized to suit style and size requirements.

1 Custom made to suit client requirements or standard designs available.
2 High Quality durable finishes.
3 Durable , Storm rated windows , Doors and building structure.
4 Super insulated to reduce cooling cost.
5 Flat pack supply for easy shipment.
6 Relocate by either disassembly and reassembly or can be craned and trucked.
7 All fibre cement exterior for durability in all weathers and locations.
8 Cost competitive V’s Built up units.
9 Can be Easily Extended or Added too.
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